WZW Buddy Program

Internationality is an elementary part of scientific education and scientific work. Every semester, many students of the TUM School of Life Science (WZW) go out into the world voluntarily or as part of their study program. In return, the WZW attracts students from all over the world to Freising. The international students who come to Freising for an exchange semester or a regular study program make up about 20 percent of the student body. The WZW Buddy Program enables international and experienced TUM students to benefit from each other.

Experienced TUM students can register as Buddies using the form linked below. The matching takes place within the study program. In addition, it is possible to specify a language that the international student should speak. The TUM-Buddy benefits from the international contacts and possible information about a study stay abroad in the desired country, the international student from assistance in Freising (orientation in the first days, visits to the authorities etc.) as well as from information from the respective study course.

The faculty would like to expand this program further in the future, for example through social competence seminars (Intercultural Communications, Mediation etc.) or through a get-together weekend in Raitenhaslach. Even if we are not able to implement these program points this year, we would ask you to let us know if you would be interested in such program points.

The Buddy is the one who takes care of the newly arrived international student. Please only register as a Buddy if you have already studied in Freising for at least one semester. New international students are automatically registered with the enrollment.

Registration for the WZW Buddy Program

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I hereby allow the members of the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan who are working in the “WZW Buddy Program” as well as the International Student advisors of the TUM School to use my personal data listed above for processing all transactions in connection with the “WZW Buddy Program”, to store my personal data until the “WZW Buddy Program” has ended (the end of the summer term: 30th of September 2020), to use my e mail address to contact me and to forward my e-mail address to the international students I will be matched with.