Technical University of Munich, Chair of Organic Agriculture and Farm Management

The main work areas of the Chair for Organic Agriculture and Agronomy are basic research regarding organic and conventional production systems and modelling of matter and energy flows in agroecosystems.

Basic research involves examination of plants, their genetic potential and interactions of fertilization, site and yield dynamics. Here, non-destructive methods for the measurement of plant traits like biomass, yield and nutrition status are being developed and applied. Animal husbandry research involves behavioral research.

The second work area involves the observation of crops, crop rotations, and their interactions regarding their yield and quality dynamics in field experiments. Their impact on sustainability parameters in terms of soil, air, water and energy efficiency are being investigated.

Dr. Hans Jürgen Reents 

Dr. Robert Simon completed his Master of Science degree in agriculture at the Chair for Organic Agriculture and Agronomy conducting research on the sustainability of imported soybean meal. As part of his doctoral degree, he investigated energy, greenhouse gas and soil organic carbon balances of several crop rotations for biogas substrate production.