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OSCAR: main project contacts

Project coordinator
Prof Dr Maria Finckh
Department of ecological Plant Protection, University of Kassel, Germany
mfinckh [at] uni-kassel.de
Tel. +49 (0)5542 981562

Web content and dissemination
Dr Robbie Girling
Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm, UK
robbie.g [at] organicresearchcentre.com
Tel +44 1488 685 298, Extension 553

Cover crops and...
Agronomy (Multi-environment experiment) – Dr Peter Baresel (TUM)
Screening and genotypesDr Sripada Udupa (ICARDA)
Farm machinery - Dr Willem Hoogmoed (WU)
Soil ecologyDr Sara Marinari (UNITUS)
Plant competition and weedsProf Jacob Weiner (UCPH)
Plant pests and diseasesProf Dr Maria Finckh (KU)
Toolbox Dr Robbie Girling (ORC)

For all other contacts please refer to individual partner pages in the menu on the left.