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University of Kassel Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences

The University of Kassel Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences is the only full faculty worldwide which specialises in organic agriculture. The ecological plant protection group's areas of expertise include plant pathology, molecular and phenotypic pathogen population analyses, soil health management with suppressive composts, and plant population ecology.

The group has access to two large organic research farms owned by Kassel University, and a further research farm at the University of Göttingen. The research group has acquired over €2M in research funds over the past 8 years.

Role in OSCAR: KU will coordinate the project, conduct an MEE (WP 2), coordinate and conduct part of the phytopathological research (WP 7), and contribute to the Toolbox and dissemination in WP 8.

Key staff involved in OSCAR

Prof. Dr. Maria R. Finckh (PhD), is the head of the research group with a team of currently 8 scientists conducting research on (a) plant protection strategies for organic agricultural systems based on the use of biodiversity, population biology, insect habitat management and soil health management and on (b) identification of organic breeding goals and selectable traits for wheat and tomatoes.

Dr. Christian Bruns (PhD) is an internationally acclaimed expert in the ecology and application of suppressive composts.


Prof. Dr. Maria R. Finckh 

University of Kassel
Faculty 11
Organic Agricultural Sciences
Group of Ecological Plant Protection
Nordbahnhofstr. 1a

D-37213 Witzenhausen
Tel.: ++55 42/98 15 62 
Fax: ++55 42/98 15 64

Email: mfinckh@uni-kassel.de

website: www.uni-kassel.de/go/fb11-oekologischer-pflanzenschutz