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WP 2: Multi-environment experiment (MEE)

The overall objective of this work package is to improve understanding and use of Cover crop / conservation agriculture systems under a broad range of environmental conditions and interactions with management techniques and farm technology. Specific objectives are:
• To provide the common experimental framework for part of WP 4 (Machinery), WP 5 (Assessment of soil ecological impact), WP 6 (Competition), and WP 7 (Phytopathology);
• to serve as a demonstration site for dissemination purposes in WP 1 (Dissemination and knowledge transfer);
• to supply information for the cover crop Toolbox in WP 8.

Different cover crop and mulch systems will be compared in the context of a series of coordinated field trials in different European and Mediterranean environments and on-going long-term experiments. A two-year sequence of wheat and a spring crop (maize, potatoes, or vegetables) is the common experimental base upon which to compare the different cover crop and mulch systems. In addition to the Multi-Environment Experiment, partners UNITUS, UNIPI-SSSA, and IAPAR are performing long-term experiments with rotations similar to that of the MEE. These experiments will be used to assess the long-term effects of subsidiary crop based minimum-tillage systems.

The Trials are being performed in 12 different Environments in Europe, Morocco and Brazil