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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Sweden

SLU takes responsibility for the development of learning and expertise in areas concerning biological resources and biological production, i.e. agriculture, forestry, food industry, environmental questions, veterinary medicine, and biotechnology. At the Department of Crop Production Ecology (VPE) research is carried out in the field of crop physiology and crop production, ecology of cultivation systems, short rotation forestry – bioenergy, and weed biology and management. The Department of Forest Mycology and Pathology (SMYK) undertakes fundamental and applied research focused on interactions involving plants, pathogenic, symbiotic and saprotrophic fungi and other microorganisms and their role in forest and agricultural systems.

Role in OSCAR: SLU will participate in: the MEE (WP2), crop-weed interactions studies (WP6), and effect of LM/CC, including biofumigation crops, on Fusarium fungi (WP7).


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Prof. Ingrid Öborn (VPE) is professor of cropping systems. Her research interests include plant production ecology and cropping systems with background in soil science, nutrient and trace element cycling and management in agricultural systems in tropical and temperate regions. She has been coordinating the EC contract RURBIFARM (ICA4-CT-2002-10021).

Dr. Göran Bergkvist (VPE) has long standing experience in research within cropping systems where cover crops, intercropping and living mulches are used with the aim to reduce the need for purchased inputs. He also coordinates projects focusing on interactions between agronomy, soil micro biology and plant disease and is responsible for long-term experiments at SLU.

Prof. Dan Funck Jensen (SMYK) is professor in plant pathology. The research is focused on disease suppressive soils, biological control and diseases caused by soil and seed-borne plant pathogens.

Dr. Hanna Friberg (SMYK) researches the dynamics of plant pathogens and microbial communities in soil. She has experience of biofumigation effects on plant pathogens and soil suppressiveness to plant disease.

Assoc. Prof. Paula Persson (VPE) is an expert in cropping systems aiming at suppressing plant pathogens and keeping the main crop healthy. On-going projects focus on brassica catch crops and suppression of soil-borne pathogens.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anneli Lundkvist (VPE) is an expert in weed biology specialised in plant competition and mechanical weed control.