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University of Copenhagen (UCPH) Denmark

The University of Copenhagen is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark. In the most recent international ranking, the University of Copenhagen was ranked 48 worldwide, 12 in Europe and no. 1 in Scandinavia (Times Higher Education Supplement, October 2008). The Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) is one of Europe's leading university environments in the areas of veterinary medicine, food, health, plants, biotechnology, natural resources, the environment and related academic areas. Department of Agriculture and Ecology performs basic and applied research, and education, in natural resources, agriculture and ecology.

Role in OSCAR: Prof. Jacob Weiner leads WP 6 and coordinates the evaluation and statistical analysis of the results of the MEE (WP2) with particular regard to competition.


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Prof. Jacob Weiner is among Europe's most internationally recognized and highly cited researchers in plant ecology. The research group of Prof. Jacob Weiner has extensive experience in the study of plant competition in agricultural systems, including field and glasshouse experiments and computer simulation studies. Most of his research has focussed on plant competition at the individual and population levels, plant growth and resource allocation, individual variation within plant populations, the application of ecological and evolutionary knowledge to plant production systems, and the relationship between ecological and environmental sciences.