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Work Packages of OSCAR

Project Work Packages

The work in OSCAR is organised in 8 Work packages (WP).

  • WP 1 comprises the project management and dissemination.
  • WP 2, as the experimental backbone of the project, is a coordinated program of field experiments in 12 different environments, ranging from climates with cold winters in Scandinavia to tropical sub-humid climates in Southern Brazil.
  • WP 3 is aimed to increase the range of cover crop and living mulch species and make more adapted species and varieties available, performing extensive screening programmes.
  • In WP 4, technical solutions meeting the particular requirements of cover crop based cropping systems are developed.
  • WP 5 studies the ecological impact of conservation tillage systems especially on soil quality.
  • In WP6, competition in multicrop systems is analyzed, and means of its regulation are developed.
  • Aim of WP 7 is to assess both phytopathological benefits and risks connected with the application of subsidiary crops and to find appropriate solutions.
  • In WP 8, an extensive knowledge base including previous knowledge, the finding of OSCAR, and user interactive elements will be developed.

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