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Universita' della Tuscia (UNITUS) Italy

The contribution of the University of Tuscia is carried out by two research groups belonging to the Dept. of Crop Production (DCP) and to the Dept. of Agrobiology and Agrochemistry (DABAC), Faculty of Agriculture. The DCP group expertise is focused on management of crop production, mainly concerning low-input and organic cropping systems in Mediterranean Environment. Research carried out at DCP is focused on weed and nutrient management and indicators of cropping system sustainability. The DABAC group expertise is focused on soil science; particularly on the use of soil chemical and biochemical indicators to assess soil quality under different climatic conditions, land uses and plant cover. One of the main recent research topics has been he optimization of soil management practices for sustainable agriculture.

Role in OSCAR: UNITUS will lead WP 2 (MEE) and WP5 (soil ecological impact). It will participate with field trials in the MEE, contribute with assessments and data of their long-term-experiment and carry out all soil chemical analyses.


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Prof. Enio Campiglia is Associate Professor in Agronomy and Herbaceous Crops. He has extensive expertise in intercropping and in the use of Mediterranean annual legumes as cover crops and mulches and on the development of indicators of sustainability at farm level.

Dr. Roberto Mancinelli, PhD in Environmental Science is researcher in agroecology. He has experience on sustainable farming systems with poly-cultural systems, legumes and grasses cover crops, intercropping; soil CO2 emission; analysis of agroecosystems and sustainability indicators.

Dr. Sara Marinari, Msc in Agricultural Sciences and PhD in Agricultural Chemistry. Researcher in soil chemistry and biochemistry. She has experience on the use of soil chemical and biochemical indicators as ecological tools to assess sustainability of agricultural management.

Dr. M. Cristina Moscatelli, MSc in Biology. Researcher in Soil Biochemistry. The research activity is focused on the main topics related to Soil Biochemistry; in particular, attention is devoted to soil microbial biomass and its metabolic activity as indicators of soil quality.