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Wageningen University, Department of Plant Sciences (WU) The Netherlands

In the Department of Plant Sciences the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis works on the development of high quality plant production in sustainable agro-ecosystems. Experimental and modeling research is aimed at studying processes that determine the functioning of crops in relation to genetic, biotic and a-biotic factors. The knowledge assembled in this way is used for the development of sustainable and profitable plant production chains and cropping systems in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions. The Group has extensive expertise in the analysis and optimization of intercrop and cover crop systems with a focus on management options for manipulating the interspecific competitive relations between component crops as well as effects on the regulation and suppression of insect pests, diseases and weeds. The Farm Technology Group aims at enhancing and exploiting the potential of technology in primary agricultural production processes to fulfill the needs of mankind and nature in a sustainable way. The main scientific challenges are the complexity of production systems with many non-linear interactions. Research instruments cover fields such as sensor technology, systems engineering, design and optimization, and precision agriculture techniques, as applied e.g. in the FP7 Future Farm project.

Role in OSCAR: WU will lead WP4 and assess the performance of new equipment in the MEE (WP2). WU will also assist in the assessment of the crop/weed competition in (WP6).


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Dr. ir. L. Bastiaans is an agro-ecologist, with particular interest in plant-plant interactions and the ecology and management of weeds. He studied a wide range of intercropping systems and particularly looked at the relation between intercropping, crop productivity and weed suppression.

Dr. ir. W.B. Hoogmoed is an agricultural engineer with experience in soil tillage, soil and water conservation and precision farming. Research activities are in the field of farm mechanization, conservation agriculture and soil sensor technology.