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Arcoiris s.r.l (ARCOIRIS) Italy

Arcoiris s.r.l is a highly specialized company producing and supplying certified organic and biodynamic seeds. Arcoiris distributes vegetable seeds (150 varieties), cover crop seeds and aromatic herb seeds to organic farmers, specialized shops and private customers. Production is expanding in different regions of Italy and the goal is to extend the range of organic vegetable varieties for the customers. Arcoiris has been involved in organic agriculture for many years and has gained much experience in this sector. It has two different levels of certification: organic (Codex) and biodynamic (Demeter Italia). In its trial field, Arcoiris breeds vegetable selections adapted for the Italian climatic zones and for organic farming with projects on squash, tomatoes and corns.

Role in OSCAR: Arcoiris will be involved in WP 3. In cooperation with PHP and TUM, it will perform screening experiments to identify new species suitable as cover crops or living mulches, including the establishment techniques for seed production of those new species. Moreover, in cooperation with TUM, it will establish alternative methods of seed production of subterranean clover, allowing for seed production at smaller scale and without the need for specialised machinery.


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Alberto Olivucci, organic farmer, president of Civiltà Contadina (Italian seed saving no profit organisation) have a long experience in organic products growing and commercialization, seed multiplier, he is researcher for landraces and local varieties in central Italy from 2000 and breeding leader in Arcoiris. He has responsibility in production and selection since the start of the company in 2002. He is the curator of the collective seed bank of the Italian seed savers organization.

Simon van Hilten, president of Arcoiris, biodynamic farmer (since 1982), specialised in cover crops, seed production and aromatic herbs.