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Friedrich Wenz GmbH (Wenz) Germany

The Friedrich Wenz GmbH is a startup company based on a former farming and consulting activity of Friedrich and Manfred Wenz, in the area of conservation agriculture and innovative use of cover crops. The philosophy of this company is to combine agronomic consultancy with the development of tailored machinery and extensive experimentation on the family farm in the Rhine valley. The company's main focus is the design and production of tillage and seeding systems, especially for very shallow, precise soil tillage and direct planting. Since 1998 Friedrich Wenz has been active as a consultant in Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Rumania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Paraguay. His soil tillage systems have been used in Germany, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, UK, France, Rumania, Poland, Austria, and Ukraine. Since 2010, the Friedrich Wenz GmbH has been contracted permanently by SEKEM, Sekem Development Foundation, Egypt, in order to develop adapted minimum tillage systems for organic farming in irrigation agriculture. More recent technical achievements are the introduction of a novel seeding system, allowing direct seeding of 3 different crops independently and the development of knife rolls for the use in living mulch systems.

Role in OSCAR: Wenz will be involved in WP4. In cooperation with other SMEs, Wenz will have a leading position in designing and implementing the modular experimental system, developing tools for CC killing, direct seeding in canopies and mulch layers, and weed control. Moreover, Wenz will perform field trials in the Rhine valley.


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Friedrich Wenz is the director of the company and a farmer.