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Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, Plant Health and Plant Protection Division

The Bioforsk Plant Health and Plant Protection Division is the national centre for research and development related to plant health in Norway. Main areas of expertise cover bacteriology, virology, mycology, entomology, nematology, agricultural meteorology and forecasting, genetics, biotechnology, and ecotoxicology. Strategic priorities are to maintain and develop plant protection competence in organic and integrated cropping systems and to adapt and maintain plant health in a changing climate. Part of this strategy is to study the potential of exploiting cover crops and natural bioactive compounds in plant protection.

Role in OSCAR: Bioforsk will participate in the programme of coordinated field trials planned within the project (WP2, MEE) and will develop innovative techniques to control perennial weeds in SC based cropping systems, while minimising soil movement (WP6 Competition).


Key staff involved in OSCAR

Assoc. Prof. Lars Olav Brandsæter (weed scientist) holds a Senior Researcher position at Bioforsk and an Associate Professor position at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), within the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. His field of expertise is weed control. This includes (i) the use of cover crops and mulching for weed control, (ii) allelopathy and (iii) perennial weeds in cereal crops.

Dr. Jan Netland (weed scientist) is the Section Leader for Weed and Bio-climate research at Bioforsk (50%). His research and field of expertise (50%) is in weed control for vegetable crops and also includes the use of cover crops, precision agriculture methods (weed control) and biological control.

Mette G. Thomsen, is a PhD student at the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (UMB) and is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Brandsæter. The title of her PhD is “Control of perennial weeds with special emphasis on Canadian thistle (Cirsium arvense) in organic farming”. Her research includes experiments with cover crops and she will assist with OSCAR.