OSCAR Subsidiary Crop Database

The purpose of the database is to make available the results of the OSCAR subsidiary crop screening and that of other screening programmes. Therefore, it contains mainly information on less familiar species, often not cultivated, comprising both species which showed good potential as subsidiary crops as well as those revealed not to be promising candidates.

The database allows the user to select a species from lists of the scientific names (comprising the most important synonyms) as well as common names in several languages. More advanced search comprises selection according to several agronomic traits and adaptation to environmental conditions.

The output comprises:

  • Lists of all common and scientific names
  • Brief descriptions of the species, their natural occurrence, current uses and observation made during the screening experiments.
  • A list of all the field experiments in which the respective species has been tested, with reports on the results available to download.
  • A list of the main characteristics of each species, summarising all available evaluation results and all tested accessions
  • A list of the main characteristics of the single accessions, summarizing all available evaluation results
Beside the new species, data on more familiar species have been included as reference, though not all of them were included in the screening trials.