The Cover Crop and Living Mulch Toolbox

Welcome to the OSCAR Living Mulch and Cover Crop Toolbox; providing tools to help improve knowledge and drive the use of Conservation Agriculture practices and subsidiary cropping systems throughout Europe

The aims of the Toolbox are to:

      • Make scientific literature and technical information on cover crops and living mulches widely available

      • Promote the current knowledge and impact of innovative subsidiary cropping systems and potential solutions to ecological problems

The Toolbox will help you:

      • Identify suitable cover crop and living mulch species and varieties and appropriate species mixtures

      • Locate and access information on appropriate machinery

      • Access the best current practical advice about management issues

      • Identify economic considerations of subsidiary crop based systems

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The Toolbox provides tools for everyone; from farmers, scientists and advisors, to seed producers, plant breeders, NGOs, manufacturers of agricultural equipment and members of the general public.


Access EU subsidary crop research that focus on adaptability, solutions and innovative change here.

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The Toolbox is the main output for the OSCAR European research project which focuses on developing CA sustainable systems and increasing the diversity of cover crops and living mulches.

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Find the answer to commonly asked questions here.

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