The Cover Crop and Living Mulch Toolbox

Decision Support Tool

Here you can search our database for information on cover crop and living mulch species throughout Europe, and discover species characteristics that can help inform your choice of species and potentially to identify new species to trial on your farm.

The tool takes you through a series of questions which will help determine your requirements in relation to geographical region, soil, and crop characteristics and use. This will generate a set of plant profiles that fall within your specifications and allow you to compare the properties of different species.

The resulting species list contains all species in our database ordered by their relevance to your requirements; i.e. the most relevant species will appear on the top, the least relevant at the end of the list.

The data has been collated from published literature, existing databases, and from the OSCAR cover crop and living mulch database

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We are always interested to hear about related research, addition information as well as any corrections or clarifications to the contents of this toolbox. Please get in touch with Sally Westaway sally.w@organicresearchcentre.com